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Chinese 12th Century Song/Jin Dynasty Jun Ware Porcelain Whistle 
in Fish Shaped Made for Training Eagle or Animal 






Origin :   China

Period & Style : 12th century, Song/Jin dynasty

Material :  Porcelain, Jun ware

Size & Weight :  L. 4.4 in. ( 11.2 cm ) 

Condition :  Good, no damages. 

This is a very rare 12th century Jun Yao porcelain piece, a fish shaped whistle, probably made for training eagle in Song or Jin dynasty, it is still keeping in a very good condition with the loud and clear sound.

It could be made as a toy, but its length size is 4.4in.(11.2cm.), too large for a child to whistle.

According to the historical records, the training eagle was a fashion amusement during Tang and Song dynasty.

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