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Chinese 12th/13th Century Jizhou Ware Black Glazed Porcelain Censer with Carved Blossoming Plum Branch Decoration 




Origin :   China

Period & Style : Circa 12th/13th century, Song dynasty

Material :  Porcelain, Jizhou Yao

Size & Weight :  H. 3.95 in. ( 10 cm )   D. 4.92 in. ( 12.5 cm )

Condition :  Good, no damage, no chips, some aging cracks due to age. 

This is a very special ancient Song porcelain piece, Jizhou Yao black blazed with carved "Blossoming Plum Branch" decoration. A similar decorated piece was found in Yichung county, Jiangxi province, China, 1983, and is collected in the Yichung county culture relics office now. ( Please see the last two photos. )

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